February 9, 2014


Welcome to Jcappsiv.com

I am a freelance technology consultant and student of psychological sciences. Check out the tabs below or the pages above to learn more about my services, research and experience.

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Services offered (click + for more details)

Website design & management (wordpress, css, and html)
      • Website setup
      • Domain hosting
      • Website design
      • Paypal payments/donations
Web presence/privacy management
“Web presence is what information people see about you online”

      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Google+
Computer hardware installation, upgrade and repair
      • Diagnosis problems (Windows and Mac)
      • Build custom PCs (Windows)
      • Installation of hardware (Windows and Mac)
      • Upgrade hardware (Windows and Mac)
      • Setup wireless networks
Computer software upgrades (Windows and Mac)
      • Operation system upgrades
      • Software installations
Computer hardware replacement or upgrades (Windows and Mac)
      • Harddrive
      • Videocard
      • Soundcard
      • CD/DVD/Bluray Drive
      • Powersupply
Training on most technologies
including but not limited to;

      • Smart phones
      • Computers (Windows and Mac)
      • Home entertainment (TVs, Surround Sound)
      • Physical Fitness Technologies (Heart Rate Monitors, GPS tracking)
      • Software use (MS Office Suite, WordPress)

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Website Portfolio 

+Under Construction

  • Jacob Wisnoski Online CV
  • Chad Summers Host Page
  • Mates’ Farm Cattle and Events
  • Portillo’s Beef Products
  • The Lunch Show Radio Podcasts
  • Veronica Portillo Reyes Ph.D. Research/Private Practice  


Research Experience

UNCW Aging and Cognitive Training Lab

Active lab member (1/2012-current)

Responsibilities include;

  • Research assistant
    • Design experiments (E-prime & Psychopy)
    • Conduct surveys (Survey Monkey)
    • Run participants (E-prime & BioPac fNIRS)
    • Organize and secure data (Excel)
    • Analyze data (Excel, SPSS, & FNIRSoft)
    • Create posters and presentations
    • Present findings
  • Technology consultant
    • Help lab members with technology problems
    • Educate lab members with technology solutions, laboratory and testing procedures
    • Install new equipment and redesign UNCW webpage

Research focuses;

  • Experimental cognitive psychology
  • Programing cognitive tasks and tests
  • Reported health behaviors and their correlation with memory questionnaires
  • Monitoring daily activity level and moderation of activity levels on cognitive function
  • Default Mode Network (DMN) and frontal lobe hemodynamics during task switching using fNIRS imaging techniques
UNCW Neuropsychology Lab

Lab member (9/2012-2/2015)

Responsibilities included;

  • Research assistant
    • Collect data
    • Organize and secure database
    • Research Neuropsychological assessment techniques
    • Analyze database
    • Honor’s Thesis
    • Create posters and presentations
    • Present findings
  • Technology consultant
    • Educate others on technology solutions
    • Help lab members with technology problems
    • Create and manage websites associated with lab and research
    • Create live webinars for training of psychologists

Research focuses;

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI) within military populations
  • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) within military populations
  • Cross-cultural Neuropsychology/Psychology
  • Neuropsychological assessment
  • Integrative healthcare and policy
  • Interfacing technology and clinical neuropsychology

Clinical Experience

Learning Perspectives SE
  • Active Employee (1/2015-current)

Responsibilities include;

  • Technology Consultant
  • Web designer
    • Social Media Management
    • Media Designer
  • Job Coach
    • Employment matching
    • Community Development
    • Job Training
    • Job Retainment
Cape Fear Clinic
  • Student Volunteer (9/2012-2/2015)
    • ~220 volunteer hours

Responsibilities included;

  • Office assistance
  • Shadowing psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, and pharmacists during intake, counseling sessions, medication management, relaxation therapies, etc
  • Testing technician
    • Administration
    • Scoring
University Neuropsychology
  • Active consultant (9/2012-current)

Responsibilities include(d);

  • Technology consultant
    • Web design
    • Presentation design
    • Data security
    • Email management
  • Office assistant
    • Review records
    • Media creation
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