At Frontera Tec, we understand how important education is for the future of many young adults. The owner and founder of Frontera Tec, John Capps, is currently working on his Ph.D. in Psychology and aims to work as an academic professor teaching and conducting scientific research. He began Frontera Tec with the goal to educate individuals about technology and using it to enhance their lives. This may be helping someone to learn excel for their home budget, teaching individuals how to track their calories or physical activity using apps, or training employees of a small business on website use and social media management.

After 10 years, Frontera Tec continues to provide educational services and prides themselves in working one-on-one with people to better help them understand the ever-evolving world of technology. With the goal of helping students, Frontera Tec decided to make a scholarship to aid students starting their education. Although Frontera Tec is a small business we want to show our pride and commitment to the community by starting a scholarship.

As for now the award is $100 to be used towards any educational expense, however, we are looking to partner with our clients and other member of the El Paso community to increase this award and provide awardees with extra support. As an extra, Frontera Tec will also reward the recipient with a free academic/career profile website and training so that they use it to their advantage when they proceed into the job market.


To apply for this scholarship award, please fill out the form below. Requirements include; the student must be enrolled full time at any Community College or University and that student complete a 700-word essay with the prompt below. Free free to also attach your resume or cv with cover letter. The scholarship application due date is August 20th annually. Applications will be reviewed and one will be selected for the reward.



“Reflect about a time in your life where technology most helped you. It can be medically-related, socially-related, any time that technology affected you in a positive way. Then explore how you can use technology in your field of study, to better the lives of others globally.”


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