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Website Design and Social Media Integration for a Small Business in Acapulco, Mexico.

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Website Design, Social Media Integration, Mailing Lists, and Online Marketing for Local Business in El Paso, Texas.

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Website Design and Social Media Integration for Local Business in Ciudad Juarez.

Up Balloons Fiestas

What’s the biggest factor in startup success?

Is it the idea? The business plan? The funding?

Nope, looks like its something more simple than that.

Its Timing. This short Ted talk from Bill Gross shows how it can outweigh some of the other factors. Many small businesses need to take their great products and services and begin making sure customers easily find them because of the large adaptation of internet use and smartphones. Is it your time?

[ted id=2272]


Improving Social Media Presence: Planning is Everything

Great read on social media presence, a very important factor for businesses.

In this day and age, a good social media presence is everything. The best social media presence can help grow your business both dramatically and organically. Obtaining a major increase in leads and conversions naturally is an opportunity of which most small to mid-sized businesses only dream, but this is only because too few businesses […]