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PR and Social Media Strategy

A great article on social media, search engine optimization and public relations. Thanks,, a good read for any small business owner.

I’ll tell you what I’ve found myself doing a lot of recently: Social Media Strategies. That might seem strange for someone who works in PR. But it’s not strange at all. In fact, if you look at the Communications industry as a whole – the future of digital media, the changing landscape of PR versus […]


Why You Should be Using YouTube to Promote Your Business

Another great resource for your small business to gain for free and to connect with social media and your website.

As you probably know, YouTube has become a global phenomenon. After starting in 2005 with a Me at at the zoo“, YouTube has transformed from a simple video sharing site into a huge global network of individual content creators who actually make careers out of sharing their videos online.  However, videos of cute kittens and […]

Source: Bluebiscuitblog

Veronica Portillo Reyes Online CV and Profile

Online Profile and CV Website created for Veronica Portillo Reyes Ph.D. of Ciudad Juárez, México.

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Improving Social Media Presence: Planning is Everything

Great read on social media presence, a very important factor for businesses.

In this day and age, a good social media presence is everything. The best social media presence can help grow your business both dramatically and organically. Obtaining a major increase in leads and conversions naturally is an opportunity of which most small to mid-sized businesses only dream, but this is only because too few businesses […]

Small Business Toolbox: 8 Ways to Bootstrap Your Small Business

Great article on using technology to help your small business.

As I personally have never heard of the term “Bootstrapping for small-business,” I have regularly utilized several of the concepts outlined in the article.  Any entrepreneur or small-business owner that may have challenges with cash-flow or new growth stagnation, may want to select two or three of these concepts for your business to implement, even […]

Our New Business Flyer

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Some Statistics on Small Business Technology


Small Business Technology Statistics

1)      Only 53% of businesses today have a website (Statistic Brain)

2)      1.3 billion people will telecommute by 2015 (Get Busy Media)

3)      4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop (ComScore, 2012)

4)      Less than 5% of business websites are optimized for mobile users (Bizness Apps)

5)      In 2012, 60% of local businesses didn’t have their phone number on their website (BIA Kelsey)

6)      15% of small businesses built mobile optimized websites in 2013 (Borrell 2013)

7)      Two thirds of small business would find it a major challenge to survive without wireless technology (AT&T Small Business Technology Poll 2013)

8)      41% of small businesses used email marketing to customers in 2013, a 25% jump over the previous year  (AT&T Small Business Technology Poll 2013)

9)      66% of small business owners are using mobile devices or solutions as part of their day to day operations (Constant Contact 2013)

10)   50% of online sales are lost because visitors can’t find content (Forrester 2012)

11)   27% of small business have no IT support (SMB Group 2014)

12)   The main way small businesses use mobile technology? Social media and email marketing are the top two reasons (Constant Contact 2014)

13)   92% of SMBs are using at least one cloud business solution. (SMB Group 2014)

14)   The cloud has helped SMB’s reduce IT workload by 42% (Microsoft 2012)

15)   Nearly 8 out of 10 SMBs still use manual integration such as manual Excel files, or custom code (SMB Group 2014)

16)   SMBs will increase technology spending 50% by 2015 (Microsoft 2012)

17)   Small business participation on LinkedIn rose from 31% to 36% in 2013. Facebook participation decreased from 44% to 41%  that same year (AT&T Small Business Technology Poll 2013)

18)   43% of small business spend 6 hours or more each week on social media (Joy Mali 2013)

What does that mean for small business today?

  • Small businesses see the benefits of technology for their businesses, especially in marketing and helping with day-day operations.
  • Major potential for small businesses lies in harnessing technology for customer interactions. Important areas include: optimized mobile pages and product information on their websites.
  • Integration can help unlock potential and productivity in the products small businesses already use.


Portillo’s Artisan Jerky

Online and Local Store created for a business in El Paso/Juarez.

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10 Reasons to use WordPress for your Small Business Website


Mobile Connections and Mexico

As internet becomes more widely available in Mexico, the need for businesses to use web sites and social media grows to stay competitive. The graphic below shows the projected number of cell phone users in 2018 for Mexico.
Statistic: Number of mobile connections in Mexico from 2012 to 2018 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

As these numbers grow so does the projected amount of social media users.

Statistic: Number of social network users in Mexico from 2013 to 2018 (in millions) | Statista
Find more statistics at Statista

As these statistics continue to rise it is important to keep in mind the trends in the US on the behavior of consumers. Before going to a store, most people are researching online, using search engines and websites.