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Businesses need more than just Facebook.

I was recently talking with a potential client and they brought up the point that they had a Facebook page and that seemed like enough, they didn’t really need a website. With the popularity of Facebook this is a valid point, however there are many downfalls to just using Facebook if you want to be Read more about Businesses need more than just Facebook.[…]

El Paso Small Business Guide

The U.S. Small Business Administration released a great guide for small businesses in El Paso. The SBA website has some great resources for any start-up or continuous small business. Learn how to access loans and grants, contractors, and they have a well rounded learning area. Check it out at  

Taking on the challenger brands

Thanks Mark Di Somma for the great article on how small businesses can take on large corporations and companies. Recently Budweiser has been copping flak for its continuing aggressive stance against craft beers. Social media reaction at least seems to be that this is an unfair fight and that the big corporate should not be Read more about Taking on the challenger brands[…]

Marketing Tips for Small Business

Some great marketing tips from for small businesses. There are many different strategies that go into attracting more clients and customers. But if you’re a Small Business Owner targeting your country or a marketer with customers in multiple countries, the information on how to optimise your website is scattered and hard to find. There Read more about Marketing Tips for Small Business[…]

Advanced Responsive Mobile Web Design Techniques

Thanks Alexa at for sending us your Article on Responsive Web Techniques. These days, websites which have been designed to shine on PCs but falter when it comes to mobile devices are bound to fail. With ever larger proportions of web traffic emanating from smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and various hybrid PCs, it is obvious Read more about Advanced Responsive Mobile Web Design Techniques[…]

The Psychology of Social Media Marketing: 4 Ways to Increase Interaction

Some good points from on the psychology of social media and increasing your audience interaction.   As marketers continue to adopt social media as an integral part of their marketing strategies, we’ve been exploring how psychology can be used to improve social media’s impact. Since social media is comprised of people engaging in personal conversations Read more about The Psychology of Social Media Marketing: 4 Ways to Increase Interaction[…]

6 Ingredients for a Successful Content Sharing Recipe

Thanks beyond PR for a great metaphor for content marketing!     The art of sharing your content is similar to cooking a great meal. While there are many ways to accomplish the task, some ingredients are more vital than others to guarantee tasty results.

8 Strategic Steps to Improve Digital Marketing Results

 Some great digital marketing strategies!  Many startup, small and medium business have limited capitalization and other resources particularly in terms of budget allocation for marketing. That is why it is vital for business owners to focus only on cost-effective marketing channels that make a positive impact on the bottom line. Digital marketing is one such Read more about 8 Strategic Steps to Improve Digital Marketing Results[…]

Importance of Online Reviews

Here’s a great article on how online reviews can affect your business. Knowing this I’m definitely going to add an online review section to my site, like I have done for my customers.    One of the many wonderful things about the Internet is the opportunity for people to express their opinions on almost anything. Read more about Importance of Online Reviews[…]

5 Facebook Tactics For Marketing

Good read on some simple steps you can take to help marketing with facebook! If you are using Facebook for your marketing efforts, you will want to check out the “5 Facebook Tactics You Are Overlooking” and consider the possibilities. We have a great deal of clients that do not understand the power of Facebook Read more about 5 Facebook Tactics For Marketing[…]

7 Digital Marketing Tips to Expand Your Small Business

7 ways to use technology to help your small business expand or start!  (Family Features) Whether you’re just starting a small business or looking to expand an existing operation, marketing your business can seem daunting. The key to marketing success is to establish your presence, drive leads to your business and expand your audience. Even Read more about 7 Digital Marketing Tips to Expand Your Small Business[…]

What’s the biggest factor in startup success?

Is it the idea? The business plan? The funding? Nope, looks like its something more simple than that. Its Timing. This short Ted talk from Bill Gross shows how it can outweigh some of the other factors. Many small businesses need to take their great products and services and begin making sure customers easily find Read more about What’s the biggest factor in startup success?[…]

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media and marketing strategy for increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. Where are we going?  How do we get there?  If you are asking yourself these questions about social media marketing, then you are in the right place.  The article, “Social Media Strategy, Focus on Goals Not Tactics” (Wow Blog, 2012), says the place to Read more about Social Media Marketing Strategy[…]

What Motivates Us?

This Ted article/talk is less about business and technology but it’s a great way to learn how to motivate yourself, employees, and your customers. For the full article visit: Thanks  

PR and Social Media Strategy

A great article on social media, search engine optimization and public relations. Thanks,, a good read for any small business owner. I’ll tell you what I’ve found myself doing a lot of recently: Social Media Strategies. That might seem strange for someone who works in PR. But it’s not strange at all. In fact, Read more about PR and Social Media Strategy[…]

Why You Should be Using YouTube to Promote Your Business

Another great resource for your small business to gain for free and to connect with social media and your website. As you probably know, YouTube has become a global phenomenon. After starting in 2005 with a Me at at the zoo“, YouTube has transformed from a simple video sharing site into a huge global network Read more about Why You Should be Using YouTube to Promote Your Business[…]

Improving Social Media Presence: Planning is Everything

Great read on social media presence, a very important factor for businesses. In this day and age, a good social media presence is everything. The best social media presence can help grow your business both dramatically and organically. Obtaining a major increase in leads and conversions naturally is an opportunity of which most small to Read more about Improving Social Media Presence: Planning is Everything[…]

Small Business Toolbox: 8 Ways to Bootstrap Your Small Business

Great article on using technology to help your small business. As I personally have never heard of the term “Bootstrapping for small-business,” I have regularly utilized several of the concepts outlined in the article.  Any entrepreneur or small-business owner that may have challenges with cash-flow or new growth stagnation, may want to select two or Read more about Small Business Toolbox: 8 Ways to Bootstrap Your Small Business[…]

Some Statistics on Small Business Technology

Small Business Technology Statistics 1)      Only 53% of businesses today have a website (Statistic Brain) 2)      1.3 billion people will telecommute by 2015 (Get Busy Media) 3)      4 out of 5 consumers use smartphones to shop (ComScore, 2012) 4)      Less than 5% of business websites are optimized for mobile users (Bizness Apps) 5)      In 2012, Read more about Some Statistics on Small Business Technology[…]